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do until loop not working vba

do until loop not working vba

They cause a block of statements to repeat a certain number of times. Also see the article Excel VBA For, Do While, and Do Until. VBA is not VB/VB.NET. The macro can be run from a custom toolbar button which works perfectly. VBA Web Scraping objIE.readyState problem ... yes you are right, it may work, but my question is why my code is not working accordingly, as I am doing the same thing, would you please tell me the actual problem, why readystate code is not working accordingly in my code, why this code not waiting until page loads? then after detecting that the file is amongst the workbooks of the application the recursive function containing the OnTime Call launches the next step of the process. Happy coding. Application.CutCopyMode = False ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=R[-1]C" VBA not working - Do While ie.Busy: DoEvents: Loop 'Loop until page is not completely loaded. Do Until. ... the macro does what it is supposed to do but it is not working as supposed to with Do Until ActiveSheet.Cells(3, x) = "2012" i want it to stop when cell (3,x) is 2012. in my code that means sometimes it work ok but sometimes is not working, I have used "Debug.print" to check where is error, found at Code-line-11, .document.all("login").cli ck has issue with Readystate we use .navigate to grab the website in first time , Readystate and Busy state of IE will be good flag to see the IE ready and busy or not. The only solution I have been able to make work is to use Application.OnTime in a way where the VBA Code actually stops processing totally giving room for the file to open. I have a macro that is pulling data from the web. The same macro run from a command button on the worksheet does not work. One way to write this is: Do While counter < 20 counter = counter + 1 Loop (But a For..Next might be more appropriate here.) I am wondering if it's possible to write a do until loop that would read through all entries of one ID and do a function and then move onto the next ID. I need help with a loop that will end when the following vba script will reach a blank cell in column A. whal the loop does is copy the time in cell D1 to D2 and D3 to D4 and so on until a blank Cell in column A is reached. Hi all, I am doing an example in order to get the gist of loops + functions. This loop continues running while the condition is False. Larry. The file with code is enclosed. Ask Question Asked 7 years, 11 months ago. Thread starter BGDunbar; Start date Apr 30, ... Do While ie.Busy: DoEvents: Loop 'Loop until page is not completely loaded waitfor 1 'Wait for 1 seconds ... select your VBA code within the forum editor and the click on the # icon in the editor menu. Let’s see this with an example: Example 5: Use a Do Until loop in VBA to find the sum of the first 20 even numbers between 1 to 100. stopping a do until loop in Excel-vba. Thank's in advance for any help provided. My problem that the code executes ONLY the "Name" with the function COUNTA (where the surname does not exist) All loops in VB.NET have a similar purpose. Sometimes, the link doesn't work the first time. The correct reference to use is Do..Loop Statement (VBA). Here is the macro. The Do Until loop is similar to the Do While loop. B. VB.NET Do Until LoopsEvaluate the Do Until loop construct. As soon as the VBA engine executes the ‘Exit Do’ statement, it exits the loop and takes control to the next statement after the Do Until loop. I wrote a macro to detect the first empty cell in a column, using a Do While Loop. x = 3 Do While Cells(x, 3).Value <> "" x = x + 1 Loop … dot net perls. So if I just run it again, it will work. Hi all! Active 7 years, 11 months ago.

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